It’s almost February 14th, Valentine’s Day, when bouquets of roses and heart-shaped boxes of candy abound.  For many this is a much-anticipated holiday, chock full of romantic surprises.   For others, however, Valentine’s Day merely highlights feelings of loneliness, sadness and frustration about not being part of a romantic duo.


Daily, patients pour their hearts out about broken relationships and dashed dreams.  To complicate matters, the more folks become consumed with finding a romantic partner the more elusive this hoped-for love seems to be.


Although you may not be able to make Cupid snap his fingers and produce Mr. or Ms. Right by the Big Day, there are ways to make this Valentine’s Day (and subsequent ones) fulfilling, despite your relationship status.  Here are just a few:

Ideas for Valentine’s Day, 2014:  

•    Throw a fun and formal dinner party for all of your single friends, male and female.  Enjoying fabulous food and great company will remind you there’s more than one way to celebrate any holiday and Valentine’s Day is no exception!

•    For the ladies: why not stage a last-minute slumber party with your girlfriends?  Make it a movie night with plenty of popcorn on hand.  Gather round and watch your favorite comedies featuring women leading the best single lives ever.  Better yet, book a girls’ overnight at a spa where you’re sure to get the royal treatment.

•     For the guys:  invite your best pals over to your man cave, watch sports or guy flicks to your heart’s content, and pass around the stogies.  Even better, see if you can get last-minute tickets to a live concert or sporting event.

•     Remember that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about romantic love.  Make this holiday an opportunity to think of friends and family, especially those in need, by sending them valentines or surprising them with candy hearts.  Focusing on making others feel good is one of the best elixirs for loneliness or a broken heart.   


Start Now for 2015:

•    Stop putting off starting your life until you find your soul mate.  Instead, fill your calendar with so many new adventures that a relationship won’t be essential.  Instead, it will be a wonderful addition to an already-full and rewarding existence.

•    Begin looking for love in all the right places.  If you love your dog, spend more time at the dog park.  If golf is your thing, might as well look for some singles golf outings.  If you love art galleries, check out the singles activities at The Metropolitan Museum.

•    Although many folks hate dating websites and apps, I’ve seen many relationships blossom as a result of technology.  A few of the newer dating techno-tools are: How About We, Tinder, Let’s Date, Zoosk, Badoo and Grindr.  And by the time you read this column there’ll probably be a few more.  What do you have to lose?


Finally, and most importantly, adopt the attitude that you’re exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment in time, even though you wish you’d already found that certain someone.  While maintaining this attitude, live your life with expectancy; wake up each morning wondering what the day will bring.  Dress for success, hold your head high, smile and look the opposite sex in the eye.  You never know what’s lurking around the next corner, and who might be by your side when Valentine’s Day 2015 rolls around!

Valentine's Day Can Bring Joy or Pain

by Maud Purcell

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